Trouble in paradise

Our summer season "Trouble in paradise" is now available. Beside from that, we’ve also released some of our unique & upcycled shirts online as well. They are made out of second hand bed linen. Those are of very limited quantities, so if you fall in love, don't hesitate. More upcycled products will be uploaded step by step, so hang tight.

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Sharing and caring means everything in times like these. Store is closed due to the Corona outbreak, and we will release our collection online only. Our summer collection is originally called "Trouble in paradise”, and the Corona virus has literally given the title a new meaning.

Stay home and follow our journey. Together we can get through this and maybe embrace positive changes on the other side. Suddenly our core philosophy makes more sense than ever:
make waiting pleasant.

latest releases


Striped vacation upcycled shirt dkk 550

Checkered summer upcycled shirt dkk 550

Forrest sunset jacket dkk 875

Grandma couch jacket dkk 875

Jacquard palm tree jacket dkk 875

Spring blossom upcycled shirt dkk 550

Blue surf upcycled shirt dkk 550