Beach bum needs rum

This is a high-five between Denmark and The Netherlands. our mutual Caribbean history, and the fact that we have never been there, gave us something to dream about. But what do you do when you’re too broke to go and want to shape a collection around a place you have never been to? You pretend.

Our backdrop became a hidden pearl called Brass Monkey, a bar rooted in the neighborhood of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. abundant in tropical authenticity, upbeat music and various colorful rum bottles, brass monkey was for the duration of our tipsy visit located on a lonely beach in the West Indies.

The collaboration between Pleasant and Afura is an urban friendly collection with subtle references to the far away islands. It focuses on the marine history of the islands and draws inspiration from pirates, sailor tattoos and the dear and beloved caribbean rum.



Rasmus Luckmann


Brendon Mochia

Men's wear

Rasmus Boesen
Marc Berliner