First come first surfed

It isn’t always the case that nice guys finish last or being first is best. However, there’s an undeniable pace of life, which dictates that the early bird catches the worm and if you snooze you lose. The perfection of the world’s first power couple Barbie and Ken has set the bar pretty high for everyone. Although, following up with that requires a drive that doesn’t always fit our “Make waiting pleasant” philosophy of life.

This season, we are at the beach to salute all paces of life. We celebrate Barbie and Ken and even their unknown lazy cousins as well. Reminding everyone there is no right or wrong and encouraging tech companies to keep the snooze button alive.

Make waiting pleasant


Rasmus luckmann


Frederik Malling
Isabella Melchior Kjærgaard

Men’s wear

Rasmus Boesen
Marc Berliner

Women’s wear

Loreena McQuillan