Only fools rush in

Going surfing while living away from the beach brings about a lot of waiting to go surfing. This is the time we focus on making as pleasant as possible. On a smaller scale, the time spent waiting for a bus or in line for a pizza slice deserves to be enjoyed just as much. One tool never disappoints us when it comes to lightening up the mood in any given situation. In terms of making waiting pleasant, it is about time we give music the credit it deserves.

In our “Only fools rush in” autumn/winter collection music casts the leading role. Music is a bottomless ocean, so we've taken deep breaths searching for inspiration beneath the surface. Fabrics, prints and colors have been influenced by iconic covers, goose bumpy melodies and cheesy lyrics. Pure gratitude to all the musicians out there supplying the market with the inspiring and uplifting medicine day after day.

Please don't stop the music


Rasmus luckmann


Frederik Malling
Isabella Melchior Kjærgaard

Men’s wear

Rasmus Boesen
Marc Berliner

Women’s wear

Loreena McQuillan