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For over 10 years we have been balancing travel and work in order to catch waves and nurture our brand at the same time. Last year we made a game changing decision and bought a small piece of land on our favourite Philippine island. Facing the Pacific Ocean and with an abundance of great surf, fresh fruits and lovely people, this place is a wonderland. It has been our dream for a very long time to merge our clothes, food and accommodation under one roof in a place like this. The best thing is, that we want to share this venture with you as soon as we can. Being two broke surfers, “as soon as we can” basically means as soon as we can fund the construction. This sale is the first step towards the goal. We can’t wait to tell you more, so stick around and check out for now 70% off using the voucher “extra20”.
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New editorial by Anna Johanne

Check out the new editorial by young creative Anna Johanne.

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Someone else needs a Christmas gift too

Buy Christmas gifts at and 25% of your order value will be directly donated to Red Cross, who support families in need so they can get a brighter Christmas. Last order date is 18th December.
New editorial online

Days get brighter

Check out the new editorial by travel- and lifestyle photographer Sven Flier. Click to explore the editorial and read more about Sven. Enjoy!


"Escape" collection is out

Home is where the heart is. It sounds simple, but chances are you might lose your heart in paradise, while the rest of you goes back to reality. If that’s the case, you have to go back and get it.

A mission like that puts everything else in perspective. Even smiling your face off behind the local fast food counter doesn’t seem impossible at all. As long as it brings you one step closer to the great escape.

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